This is a log of the steps to install Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera”, which I put on my new laptop. The laptop comes with pre-installed Windows 11, and I’m installing Linux Mint alongside it.


On Windows 11
  • Resize the disk partitions to reserve disk space for Linux Mint installation.
    • Typically, I reserve >100 GB.
On some Linux system
  • Disable Secure Boot.


  • Boot from the LiveUSB.
  • Install Linux Mint
    • For the installation type, I’d recommended to select the option “Something else” and create the partitions manually. Typically, I go with 3 partitions: one Ext4 partition for / (i.e. root), one Ext4 partition for /home, and one swap area. The root partition should be at least 15 GB.


On new Linux Mint
  • Read the release note.
  • Switch to mirrors in the Update Manager.
  • Run sudo apt dist-upgrade.
  • Search and install hardware drivers.
  • If using a SSD disk drive, reduce swappiness.
  • To reduce system load, change the window manager from “Marco + Compositing” to “Marco + Compton”.
  • Re-enable Secure Boot.