The CRAB project directory is the directory that is created when you make a new CRAB project (i.e. when you do crab submit). Sometimes you might have removed the project directory too quickly, before you realize that you want to resubmit some of the jobs. But without the project directory, you cannot call crab resubmit.

If you know the “task name”, which looks like YYMMDD_HHMMSS:request_name, then it’s possible to recreate the project directory. The timestamp is the time when you call crab submit, whereas the request_name is config.General.requestName from your If you don’t remember the task name, you can always check the Task Monitoring dashboard to find out.

First, make an empty directory to be used as the CRAB project directory:


Then, do the following in python:

from CRABClient.UserUtilities import config
from CRABClient.ClientUtilities import createCache

requestarea = PROJDIR
uniquerequestname = TASKNAME

host = ''
port = ''
voRole = ''
voGroup = ''
instance = 'prod'
originalConfig = config()
createCache(requestarea, host, port, uniquerequestname, voRole, voGroup, instance, originalConfig)

Please replace PROJDIR and TASKNAME in the above with the project directory and the task name.